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Mass shooting incidents are on the rise and can take place anywhere at any time. The best way for one to safeguard yourselves is by being as prepared as possible for this type of event. Knowledge of appropriate response to an active shooter attack is potentially life saving practice. Do any of these questions below spark your desire for active shooter preparedness training?


1. How anxious are you about the possibility of an active shooter event occurring at your business workplace, school campus, or place of worship?


2. How prepared do you feel your team is if there was an active shooter event at your    business workplace, school campus, or place of worship?


3. How important do you think it is to receive active shooter training?


4. Have you had previous training on active shooter preparedness?


If so, it’s time to modernize your active shooter knowledge!

Most people do not consider the possibility of ever experiencing a tragedy such as an active shooter event. Unfortunately, active shooter incidents have increased at an alarming rate over the last several years.  In fact, active shooter incidents have become more pronounced within the last decade. There have been over 250 active shooter incidents reported in the United States just from 2000 to 2020.


Active shooter preparedness has rapidly become a necessity in today’s society. Understanding this information will allow for existing safety and preparedness gaps for all businesses, churches and schools to increase the likelihood of survival rates in the face of an active shooter event.


Our active shooter training model supports the natural human fight or flight instincts. We highlight the three step strategy of run, hide, or fight and how to successfully apply this training in a real life event. In fact, the “run, hide, fight” preparation module is often applied by many first responders.


One should run as far as they can from the area and contact authorities as soon as they are safe enough to call 911.  If evacuating the vicinity is not an option, one should hide, especially in a place you can either barricade or lock. Finally, when previous safety measures are exhausted, one should be prepared to fight; the way the force is projected can be through the use of items or your body.

Effectiveness of active shooter training helps ease the level of anxiety and gives a sense of preparedness in the event of a mass shooting attack. We are working towards problem-solving the pervasive issue of mass shootings nationwide. We believe that the continued efforts of these entities may result in solutions that diminish the prevalence of these types of horrific incidents. Furthermore, we mourn with all individuals and families who have lost loved ones to the brutal and senseless attack of mass shootings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individuals with the knowledge, tools to cope, and increase their chance of survival during active shooter events. Let us train your team at your places of business, schools, university campuses, places of worship (church) and any other facilities that feel the need to be prepared for an active shooter event. Our goal is to help ease the level of anxiety by giving people an advantage with insights on strategic planning skills that will help individuals be prepared in the event of an active shooter. We know what it takes to make it through. Our program combines not only the countless hours of training and insight of Law Enforcement, but also the real life experience. Let us share our knowledge with Your Team Today!

Active Shooter Training Summary


Our Active Shooter Preparedness Presentation for Employees will discuss options on how to react during an active shooter event, provide tools to help survive an active shooter all while providing hope to individuals who feel hopeless.



Our Active Shooter Preparedness Presentation for Management provides insight on how your management team can assist your employees before, during and after an active shooter event.



During our Strategic Company Walk Though we will personally take your team through your business explaining the possible perspectives of a suspect during an active shooter event. Through this experience, we will show you the deficiencies of a suspect and the advantages of your employees.



During our On-site Security Inspection, we will reveal areas in your company that

have possible weaknesses for security in the event of an active shooter. Then we will provide you with suggestions on how to fix your security issues.

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