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Troy and Shannon founded Active Shooter Prep

after surviving the Route 91 mass shooting with

a single mission, to provide knowledge and

hope of survival in an active shooter event.

They have provided over two hundred training sessions. The Zeemans have been married for 19 years

and are proud parents of their two boys.

Troy has been in Law Enforcement for over 24 years.

Los Angeles Police Department SWAT was

tasked with creating the first active shooter response tactics. Troy was involved in that training and the evolution of active shooter training since then.

Troy has been awarded the

California State Governor’s Medal of Valor,

Newport Beach Police Chief’s Citation,

City of Newport Beach Medal of Valor,

along with many other awards for

his amazing service to the public.

Shannon is a Baylor University graduate

with a background of sales and marketing.

She has learned a lot through her

19 years for being a wife of Law Enforcement.

Shannon brings a civilian perspective of an

active shooter event to our services.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

We work personally with each of our clients

to develop and customize the right active shooter preparedness plan for you.

We provide your team with insights from

Troy's 24 years of law enforcement

training and debriefs of active shooter events.

You will hear from Troy and Shannon about their experiences during the Route 91 mass shooting.

Our unique experience and approach is not

only what differentiates us,

but also what makes us successful.

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