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Active Shooter Training


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During our Strategic Company Walk Though

we will personally take your team through your business explaining the possible perspectives of a suspect during an active shooter event. Through this experience, you will learn the deficiencies of a suspect and the advantages we civilians have. We explain ballistics and movements during a violent encounter, teach human perception and reaction, and use neuroscience to give you advantages.  We also recount our experience at the Route 91 mass shooting and how we utilized these exact tactics to survive and help others escape the venue.

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Our On-site Security Inspection

will reveal areas in your company that have possible security vulnerabilities in the event of an active shooter. We conduct a complete walk through to determine what level of security fits best for your company and provide suggestions to upgrade your security and safeguard your employees. Throughout the inspection we will explain about building structure, barricade rooms, effective escape routes, and stop the bleed kits. A written summary report of our suggestions for your company is provided.

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Our Active Shooter Preparedness Presentation for Employees will discuss options on how to react during an active shooter event and provide tools to help survive, all while providing hope to individuals who feel hopeless. During this presentation we discuss the correct way to Run, Hide, Fight and how to use these techniques to your advantage. You will learn how stress relates to your survival and the survival of others around you.  We also share our first hand experience in Las Vegas and how we survived the Route 91 mass shooter on October 1, 2017. This baseline course is set up so you can use these tactics in everyday environments. 

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Our Active Shooter Preparedness Presentation

for Management provides insight on how your management team can assist employees before, during and after an active shooter event. This training will help your company mitigate litigation and help your employees return to work effectively and efficiently. We teach how to obtain resources available for your employees in the event of a violent encounter.  We also recount our Route 91 mass shooting experience regarding our mental health and how our resources helped us get back to work quickly.    

Frequently Asked Active Shooter Training Questions


Q: This training topic gives me stress and anxiety.  How can I get this training?

A: We provide a low stress environment to train you.  We interject humor and provide this training without the use of scary police tactics.

Q: Can my kids take this training?

A: Yes!  We provide a basic understanding on how to react to a violent event.  We set this training up so you can teach your family members and friends the same information without scaring them.

Q: Is this training based solely for businesses?

A: No.  This training translates into every environment.  We provide simple and easy steps to be prepared in everyday environments such as schools, stores, open air, and workplace.

Q: Who can take this training?

A: We provide this training to individuals, schools / universities, businesses, churches, non-profit organizations, volunteer organizations, cities and counties, and even residential homes.

Q: Should I “zig zag” from a person with a gun?

A: There are many different ways to defeat a shooter.  Zig zag, lateral, perpendicular, and a shooter’s funnel. All of these simple tactics are shown to you and can help you escape.

Q: What if I freeze?

A: We teach you the neuroscience behind “freezing” and the physiological effects of stress.  This will help you overcome these effects and this will allow you to help others.

Q: What are the advantages that I have during a violent encounter?

A: One of the tactics we explain is perception & reaction.  This understanding is used across the country to defeat violent attacks. 

Q: What kind of tools will I need to prepare for such an event?

A: we will provide you with resources to gather all the necessary items you will need in an event.  Medical supplies, defensive tools, and escape tools are some of the few.

Q: What are some of the resources I should have available after the event?

A: We teach about the importance of mental health after the event.  We provide information on resources that will help you through your traumatic experience.  These resources can be provided by your business, insurance, or cash payments.

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