I have seen Troy's presentation at both the Newport Beach & Huntington Beach CERT meetings.  When I saw Troy's presentation in Newport Beach I knew immediately I wanted for him to talk for our CERT meeting.  He presented a very difficult subject and potentially scary one in a clear and understandable way.  I had several of our CERT members tell me Troy was personable and approachable, something a lot of people don’t find in a lot of members of the police force.  His style of using powerpoint and sharing his personal story brings a fresh perspective to this event that was never given through the media.  Troy offered great advice should any of us find ourselves in a similar situation.  Since we had close to 100 people attend the meeting you spoke at (which is way over our usual 30-40), there is obviously great interest in this subject and based on the comments of our volunteers as they left the meeting they were all very impressed with his presentation.  I hope we never have to actually use Troy's advice, but I think all of us are better prepared if we should since we heard his talk. Thank you again for speaking at our meeting; my only wish is more people could hear you!

Carol Burtis
CERT Coordinator
Huntington Beach Fire Department

We hired Troy Zeeman to provide corporate Active Shooter Training for our staff of approximately 60 Employees and 100 Realtors in 2018. Troy gave a concise and informative presentation that covered his own experience surviving shootings, what we can learn from previous school/corporate shootings, and strategies for survival if we’re ever faced with a mass shooting scenario. With our employee group, he provided a comprehensive space walk-through with each department where he tailored a tactical approach based on the layout of their unique workspace. The feedback that I received after the trainings was our workforce felt more prepared, confident that they could survive, and with an overall better understanding of how to respond to a shooter in public or in the workplace. I’d highly recommend Troy as a resource for Employers to provide training on this difficult, but necessary skill set for corporate workers in society today.

Elizabeth Pahlavan
Director of Operations
Surterre Properties - Newport Beach

Our nurses thoroughly appreciated your presentation and the information you had to share, including your particular experience at the 2017 Las Vegas Shooting.  The information was timely, gave us confidence on how to keep our faith congregations safe, and taught us what to do to increase survival rates should such an event happen.  Your recommendations to be aware of our surroundings, plan for escape routes and exits, and evaluate our capability to “Run – Hide - Fight” gave us the tools to guide our own plans for our faith communities.

Hoag Health Ministries and Faith Community Nursing
Newport Beach, CA

Troy Zeeman did an exceptional job training our employees on active shooter preparedness. Troy set up by explaining what he was going to teach us, summarized, and proceeded to teach, providing relevant real-life examples such as the Route 91 mass shooting that he and his wife were both attending at the time of the shooting. Our employees were engaged in every aspect of the training and gave positive feedback to management. This training exceeded our expectations and we look forward to having Troy back at our office next year.

Marisa Cernosek
Risk Management

Troy's presentation style is fantastic and, as one who was wounded in the Las Vegas shooting, he can bring an unparalleled personal experience story to bear.  Executives, managers, and employees should all get a chance to experience Troy's presentations and your company should take advantage of his strategic walkthrough and site survey offerings.

Phil Burtis
CERT Member Huntington Beach

I was in the Route 91 mass shooting event in Las Vegas. It is by the grace of God and the help of my great friends Troy and Shannon Zeeman that I am still here to share this. Troy and Shannon have started this amazing company to teach employers/organizations how to deal with active shooter strategy. Troy has knowledge from the perspective of a police officer with active shooter training and as civilian in the crowd in Las Vegas. With his support and knowledge he has help me deal with the emotional and psychological issues (in a positive way) on dealing with the PTSD. I truly in my heart of hearts believe that he will be able to help anyone looking to provide this great service.

Michelle Taylor


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